Going From Bland to Demand - Tips to Stay Top of Mind with Ali Schwanke

Going From Bland to Demand - Tips to Stay Top of Mind with Ali Schwanke

With one billion members on the platform, now more than ever it's harder to stand out and stay top of mind. 

There's a lot of advice on LinkedIn™️ when it comes to crafting the perfect post, but with Ali Schwanke we look beyond this.

Listen and learn how to avoid common mistakes and become memorable.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00 Introduction to the Show
00:24 The Importance of Standing Out on LinkedIn™️
01:36 Overcoming the Fear of LinkedIn™️
04:59 The Challenges of Staying Focused on Social Media
07:02 The Power of Consistency in Social Media
11:25 The Role of Thought Leadership in Staying Top of Mind
21:44 The Impact of Ghostwriting on Social Media Presence
28:55 Conclusion: The Power of Taking Action 

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