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A must listen for any business wanting to grow their brand on LinkedIn

Michelle is the go to human encyclopaedia for all things relating to LinkedIn company pages! She is also very generous with sharing her expert knowledge and tips about best practice and gives the honest truth about how business can find success building a company page. Her 100th podcast episode is a bumper listen with some gold nuggets of really useful tips and advice - it’s a must listen in my opinion!

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Actionable Content Every Time

I never miss an episode. It’s one of my favorite podcasts and has been instrumental in helping me level up my LinkedIn game. I always learn something new.

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Finally a Real LinkedIn Expert!

Michelle, I'm a new listener and just heard the episode "How to Outsmart the LinkedIn Algorithm," which was fantastic. I found your LinkedIn perspective refreshingly aligned with my own beliefs. In today's digital age, it's all too easy to get caught up in the metrics, but your message confirmed what truly matters is authentic engagement and connection. I also loved your thoughts about people who quietly appreciate posts without necessarily liking or commenting. It's something I experienced firsthand after a conference. Many acquaintances approached me, congratulating me on providing great content, but they never liked or commented. Indeed, an "aha moment" that kept me posting over the past year. I'm so glad I discovered you on Social Media Examiner, where Michael Stelzner interviewed you on the topic, "Succeeding with LinkedIn Company Pages. Thanks for your valuable podcast! I've combed the internet to find a LinkedIn expert and even bought some training, but you're the real deal. I just bought your book and can't wait to dive in.