Using LinkedIn for Business and Marketing 2024 with Michelle J Raymond

Using LinkedIn for Business and Marketing 2024 with Michelle J Raymond

In this power-packed episode, host Michelle J Raymond provides an in-depth understanding of how to utilize LinkedIn for business and marketing effectively as we move into 2024.

She discusses the significant milestone of LinkedIn reaching 1 billion members, the benefits and challenges of this crowded platform, and the importance of authenticity and genuine engagement.

She further touches upon the shift in the generation of B2B buyers, the need for brand values and creative distinctiveness, and the critical aspect of building and participating in a community. Additionally, she emphasizes investing in team success, relationship building, and proactive engagement.

The key moments in the episode are:
00:00 Introduction and LinkedIn's Growth
01:07 Challenges and Opportunities on LinkedIn
02:49 LinkedIn's Evolution in 2023
03:31 The Rise of AI on LinkedIn
10:17 The Impact of Generational Shift in B2B Buyers
12:10 The Importance of Digital Strategy
23:52 The Power of Collaboration and Community Building
27:20 The Importance of Consistent and Persistent Content
34:22 The Power of LinkedIn Events and Newsletters
34:53 The Role of Employee Advocacy and Employer Branding
36:37 The Importance of Being Proactive and Investing in Your Team
42:35 Conclusion and Looking Forward to 2024

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