The Power of Presence Social Media Tactics for Business Leaders with Katie Brinkley

The Power of Presence Social Media Tactics for Business Leaders with Katie Brinkley

Katie Brinkley joins Michelle J Raymond to explore the vital role of social media in leadership and brand growth. Discover why CEOs and business leaders must maintain an active social media presence, the best practices for choosing platforms that align with their goals, and how innovative content can enhance engagement. They also delve into Katie's insights from her book "The Social Shift," discussing why leaders should consider leveraging YouTube and podcasts to broaden their impact and connect more deeply with their audience. Get actionable tactics to leverage social media to propel your leadership and B2B growth.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00 Kicking Off with 90s Hip Hop Vibes
01:23 The Power of LinkedIn for Business Leaders
02:22 Addressing Skepticism Towards Social Media Presence
04:27 The Importance of Social Media Presence in Leadership
08:06 Choosing the Right Platform and Strategy for Social Media Success
15:17 The Role of Content and Authenticity in Social Media
25:59 Embracing Long-Form Content: Podcasts and YouTube
30:35 Final Thoughts and Actionable Tips

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