Marketing Magic or Behavioral Science? How to Get More Wins to Grow Your B2B with Nancy Harhut

Marketing Magic or Behavioral Science? How to Get More Wins to Grow Your B2B with Nancy Harhut

In this episode of LinkedIn for B2B Growth Show, host Michelle J Raymond hosts an engaging conversation with the expert Nancy Harhut, author of 'Using Behavioral Science in Marketing, Drive customer action and Loyalty by prompting instinctive responses'.

They discuss several behavioral science principles including 'Reciprocity Principle', 'Social Proof Principle', 'Authority Principle', and 'Rhyme-as-Reason Bias'. Nancy shares insights on how these principles can dramatically enhance marketing strategies, boost B2B buyer confidence, and increase sales.

She also shares actionable tips on how these principles can be applied in everyday life and business, particularly about LinkedIn and B2B growth.

The episode concludes with interesting talks about the use of rhymes and their cognitive impact, which can be leveraged for business growth.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00 Introduction and Welcome
00:12 Guest Introduction: Nancy Harhut
00:50 Discussion on Behavioral Science in Marketing
02:11 Nancy's Journey into Behavioral Science
04:34 The Role of Emotions in B2B Purchasing
09:32 The Power of Reciprocity in Business
17:49 Leveraging the Social Proof Principle
22:11 The Importance of Choice in Buyer Decisions
26:07 Utilizing the Authority Principle
30:37 Rhyme-as-Reason Bias: A New Perspective
33:02 Conclusion and Farewell

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