LinkedIn™️ Roundup with Coach Michelle J Raymond

LinkedIn™️ Roundup with Coach Michelle J Raymond

In this episode, host Michelle J Raymond provides a detailed roundup of the latest changes and trends on LinkedIn™️, helpful for people who may have missed recent updates. She explores the differences between a free account, a premium account, and Sales Navigator.

The video also discusses the significance of LinkedIn events and Lives, highlighting their importance in building communities and engaging audiences. Further, Michelle takes a deep dive into the new changes on Company Pages and new trends.

The episode concludes with a clarification on LinkedIn's Top Voice badges.

Lastly, she invites listeners to take part in her free LinkedIn profile transformation challenge.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00 Introduction to the LinkedIn for B2B Growth Show
00:14 Why You Should Stay Updated with LinkedIn
00:40 Key Topics for Today's Discussion
01:35 Free vs Premium LinkedIn Accounts: A Deep Dive
06:55 The Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Sales Navigator
08:57 LinkedIn Events and Live Tab: What's New?
11:21 LinkedIn Company Pages: Features and Updates
14:31 LinkedIn's New Short Form Videos: A Closer Look
16:39 Understanding LinkedIn's Top Voice Badges
21:00 How to Connect with the Host on LinkedIn
22:02 Join the LinkedIn Profile Transformation Challenge
23:28 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Michelle J Raymond is an international LinkedIn B2B Growth Coach. To continue the conversation, connect with Michelle on LinkedIn and let her know you are part of the community of podcast listeners.

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