Future Proof Your Brand Identity with Distinctive Brand Assets with Professor Jenni Romaniuk

Future Proof Your Brand Identity with Distinctive Brand Assets with Professor Jenni Romaniuk

Host Michelle J Raymond welcomes marketing and scientific research expert Professor Jenni Romaniuk (Ehrenberg-Bass Institute), to discuss the importance and impact of distinctive brand assets for B2B businesses, especially on platforms like LinkedIn.

They discuss the significance of brand asset building in memory building and marketing, the contrast between asset building and asset usage, as well as the process and tactics for building brand assets. Tips on auditing competitors to counter programs, persistency in memory building, and the concept of brand future-proofing are also shared.

The conversation offers essential insights for B2B professionals seeking to accelerate growth and visibility on LinkedIn.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome
01:55 The Importance of Distinctive Brand Assets
02:32 Defining Distinctive Brand Assets
04:25 The Role of Distinctive Brand Assets in B2B
05:17 Challenges in Building Brand Assets for B2B
10:30 The Shift in B2B Sales and Marketing
11:42 Creating Distinctive Brand Assets in B2B
17:38 Measuring the Impact of Brand Assets
21:20 Examples of Effective Use of Brand Assets in B2B
24:43 Starting the Process of Building Distinctive Brand Assets
29:44 Final Thoughts and Wrap Up

Connect with Professor Jenni Romaniuk on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenni-romaniuk-2746884/

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