Enough of the Boring Event Content - Try These Ideas Instead with Laura Erdem

Enough of the Boring Event Content - Try These Ideas Instead with Laura Erdem

When it comes to event marketing, let's face it the content is pretty boring at best. The obligatory photo of the team in front of a shiny, expensive stand. Add in a few action shots to make sure it looks like you had people attend to justify the cost. Multiply this content by the number of stands, and it all looks exactly the same. Attendees do an obligatory one with the sign at the front to prove they were there. But what if it could be different?

Laura Erdem joins the show and shares her ideas on how we can get your event content noticed without big budgets that break the bank.


The key moments in this episode are:
00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome
00:29 Discussing Laura's Profile and Background
01:12 Addressing the Problem of Boring Event Content
03:38 The Importance of Planning for Event Content
08:33 The Role of Creativity in Event Content
08:43 The Power of Video Content at Events
24:39 The Impact of Creative Content on Revenue
28:24 Final Thoughts and Advice

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